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Carpenter Bees – Now Buzzing in the Delaware Valley

Homeowners in Philadelphia and South Jersey have started to see an increase in activity from Carpenter Bees – a nuisance pest that can drive anyone crazy this time of year. These large bees bore holes into untreated wood and lay eggs inside.

Carpenter Bees bore holes in wood - Call us today if you suspect you have a Carpenter Bee Problem

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Here are the basics of what you need to know about this type of wood-boring pest.

  • Carpenter bees only do superficial damage. They won’t destroy your house like termites or carpenter ants.
  • They chew an opening approximately one-eighth of an inch, then take a 90 degree angle to form a chute.
  • Off this chute, they’ll bore chambers, in which the female will lay her egg.
  • Male carpenter bees are aggressive, as they aim to protect the queen. (The Male carpenter bees don’t have a stinger)
  • The female does have a stinger but she is more docile than the male. It’s extremely rare to get stung by a carpenter bee.

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Philadelphia Ant Exterminator – The Difference between Ants and Termites

Ants or Termites? Termites or Ants? To an untrained eye, a termite and ant swarm can look very similar. Both pests have wings longer than their bodies and both tend to swarm near windows and interior walls.

As the weather gets warmer, one of the differences you’ll want to keep an eye out for, however, is the size of the insect and the shape of its wings. Here’s a picture that shows the flying ant vs the termite swarmer:

Picture that shows the differences between a Flying Ant and Termite Swarmer

  • A termite swarmer has two sets of translucent wings approximately twice the size of its body. It also has straight antennae and a non-segmented body.
  • An ant swarmer, has a 3-segmented body – the head, thorax, and abdomen all appear to be pinched.
  • The antennae on an ant swarm will also be elbowed

While there are many subtle differences between ant and termite swarms, keep in mind that both pests are likely residing in areas hidden from human eyes.

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