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Carpenter Bees – Now Buzzing in the Delaware Valley

Homeowners in Philadelphia and South Jersey have started to see an increase in activity from Carpenter Bees – a nuisance pest that can drive anyone crazy this time of year. These large bees bore holes into untreated wood and lay eggs inside.

Carpenter Bees bore holes in wood - Call us today if you suspect you have a Carpenter Bee Problem

Call us today if you have a Carpenter Bee Problem – Estimates are FREE – so call today 888-577-7514

Here are the basics of what you need to know about this type of wood-boring pest.

  • Carpenter bees only do superficial damage. They won’t destroy your house like termites or carpenter ants.
  • They chew an opening approximately one-eighth of an inch, then take a 90 degree angle to form a chute.
  • Off this chute, they’ll bore chambers, in which the female will lay her egg.
  • Male carpenter bees are aggressive, as they aim to protect the queen. (The Male carpenter bees don’t have a stinger)
  • The female does have a stinger but she is more docile than the male. It’s extremely rare to get stung by a carpenter bee.

If you live in Philadelphia or Southern New Jersey, call us today 888-577-7514 or request a free estimate online to solve your Carpenter Bee problems today.

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