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Philadelphia Bed Bug Myths

2 Myths we hear about Bed Bugs

There are many myths surrounding bed bugs. They are in talked about on television and the internet every day.

Myth #1 Beds bugs can live up to one year in your house without biting!

Only half true.

It is true that If you moved out of a bed bug infested house for a year and then moved back in the bed bugs may still be alive.

This is not true If you are living there. Bed bugs grow in five phases. In order to grow they need blood. They will not interrupt their life cycle for a year when humans are in the house. They will reproduce and bite.

Myth #2  Bed bugs only live on the bed.

Bed bugs can live anywhere including furniture, picture frames, curtains, books, stuffed animals and under trim and paneling.

I have heard many people say
“I only have bed bugs in one room because the only person that gets bitten sleeps there.”

Never true. Everyone’s sensitivity to bed bugs is different. We have seen two people in the same bed bug infested bed and only one of them has visible bites. We never evaluate bed bug problems based on bites.

Bed bugs will move from room to room on their own. People in the house can easily transfer bed bugs as well. It has been our experience that the only way to completely eliminate bed bugs is to treat every room like it has bed bugs.

If you suspect you have a bed bug problem – contact us for an Inspection today! Early detection is the key to controlling and solving Bed Bug infestations.

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