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Philadelphia Bed Bug Treatment

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A 56 unit building in Philadelphia had been having bed bug problems over the course of one year. They had multiple chemical treatments done by several different companies to only the units complaining of bed bugs. The problem spread from unit to unit because the PCO s involved only treated the active units that they were aware as opposed to developing a comprehensive game plan.

The client brought in a K9 detection dog and found that 23 out of 56 units were infested.

During this time they had ten tenants break their lease due to bed bugs. Tenants also posted negative reviews online about the building. They lost revenue due to vacancy and the inability to rent the units. The damage to their reputation hurt their ability to draw new potential renters.

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We performed pre treatment with chemicals then heat treatment followed by a chemical post treatment to every unit. We started on the top floor and worked our way down. This process prevented the spread from unit to unit.

3 months after treatment was complete we performed a K-9 inspection of the entire building and found no signs of bed bugs.

Now over six months later the building is 100 percent bed bug free.

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