The constant receiving and shipping of merchandise into and out of a warehouse makes these facilities particularly vulnerable to a variety of pest problems. The warehouse staff may unwittingly transport bed bugs and cockroaches into your facility. If your facility is a food-warehousing operation, the shipments themselves may introduce pests, which may spread to other food items. Outdoor invading insects, such as ants, sow bugs, millipedes, earwigs, stinging insects, and birds may find their way into your warehouse. The staff lunchroom and lockers are areas where pests, such as cockroaches, ants, and rodents may become a problem. Rodents may become entrenched outdoors adjacent to the compactor and dumpster.

To minimize these threats to the welfare of your staff, merchandise, stored food items, and the building itself, establishing a thorough Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Program is mandatory. Amendt Pest Control will institute such a program by first conducting a thorough inspection and evaluation of your facility.

We will determine the scope of actual and potential pest problems, become completely familiar with the physical layout of your facility, and provide recommendations for your IPM program, followed by a detailed, written proposal for service.

Let our State-Certified and experienced sales and service team address your pest management requirements.

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