Prefer to do it yourself? We offer a wide variety of do-it-yourself pest control supplies.
  • Green Pest Management (Eco Smart Pesticides)
  • BEDLAM – bed bug insecticide
  • Roach Insecticides—ready-to-use and concentrated
  • Baits—roaches, ants and rodents
  • Odor-control foggers
  • Wasp and bee freeze spray
  • Flea Sprays—for carpets (with insect growth regulators)
  • Pet Sprays—Petcor for dogs and cats
  • Traps—rodents (mechanical, snap and traps)
  • Glue Traps—roaches and rodents
  • Fly Machines – “Vector Fly” Systems with pheromone enhanced glue traps
  • Tempo Dust—carpenter bees, ants and roaches
  • And many more...

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