Bed Bug Heat Treatments

Over the past 6-8 years, bed bugs have become an increasing pest problem in homes, apartment buildings, hotels/motels, commercial buildings, health care facilities, movie theaters, and public transportation throughout the United States. A. Amendt Pest Control has been at the technological forefront in the battle against these human parasites. We utilize a wide variety of control and preventive techniques for these troublesome insects, including steam injectors, vacuums, EPA-approved, low toxicity insecticides, and in some cases, entire building heat treatments.

A client’s request or a heavily-infested home may dictate the need for a whole-house heat treatment. After carefully preparing a home for this type of treatment, technicians apply heat to the entire structure. Industrial-sized space heaters are used for this process. Remote sensors are placed around the structure to monitor the heating process. Once everything in the structure is heated to 130˚ F., we can be assured of complete eradication of all stages of bed bugs and their eggs. This type of treatment may be completed in one day or more, depending on the size and complexity of the structure.

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