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Subterranean termites are secretive insects, invading a home or commercial structure from its surrounding ground. The worker termites build hollow tubes made of grains of soil, which may lead up into a structure. They travel to and from their food source and colony inside these hollow tubes. The tubes, known as “shelter tubes” are difficult for the untrained eye to detect. It takes an experienced professional to find these points of entry into a structure.

That’s where Amendt Pest Control’s State certified sales and service technicians come to the rescue. As a Realtor, you depend on an accurate Wood-Destroying Insect assessment coupled with a complete, written report and proposal when providing such critical services for your clients. We not only determine if infestation is present, we also provide documentation of any damage encountered during our inspection for resale or refinancing. No matter the complexity or size of a structure, we take our time to inspect every visible and accessible area of a home or commercial building. We represent either Buyers’ or Sellers’ Agents, whoever requests the inspection.

If we don’t find signs of infestation during our inspection, we will let you know what we found. If wood-destroying insects and/or their damage are present, we will carefully inspect your clients’ property until we find the source and document the damage they may have caused. It is only after a thorough inspection, documenting actual infestation, will we submit a treatment scenario, which can be designed and implemented specifically for your clients’ property.

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