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Ant Control

Ants are Frustrating!
We’ll find the colony and solve those pesky ant problems.

Got Ants? We can Help!

When compared to the challenge of eliminating bed bug infestations, ants are probably the next in line. With over 570 different kinds of ants in the United States, fewer than 30 types infest our buildings, with 10 types considered important pest species. Some are nocturnal and some forage for food during daylight hours. Here in the Northeast, we regularly encounter carpenter, pavement, Citronella, Pharaoh, and acrobatic ants. Of these, carpenter ants can cause structural damage to a home or commercial building.

Ant control most often cannot be solved with over-the-counter remedies. Proper identification of the ant problem, coupled with a thorough inspection to find the source of the infestation is the key to successful ant control and prevention. Amendt Pest Control’s highly-trained and State-certified sales and service technician staff have years of experience in finding the location of the colony and solving those pesky ant problems.

The next time you see that trail of ants heading for the pet food dish or bumbling around the kitchen or other rooms in your home, give Amendt a call.


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