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Bed Bugs

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These obnoxious pests are not to be taken lightly.

Bed bugs are secretive insects, hiding during the daytime in cracks and crevices, then emerging to search for a blood meal at night. They hatch from tiny eggs where each of five stages takes a blood meal before becoming adult males and females. If left unchecked, bed bug populations can explode. A single, mated female in January, if given the proper environment, can, by September, result in over 37,000 bedbugs!


Meet Quincy - the Bed Bug Dog

Quincy, our bed bug dog, is trained daily by his handlers to detect live bed bugs. The use of specially-trained dogs to detect bed bugs is a revolutionary inspection method, which has been found to be very successful in the pest management industry. The detection accuracy for finding live bedbugs and their eggs approaches 96%! Let Quincy find those secretive bed bugs for you.

Our Quincy bed bug team is available for single emergency inspection calls or regular monitoring inspections on a weekly or monthly basis. With your cooperation, A. Amendt Pest Control can detect, service, and eradicate your bed bug infestation.


Watch Quincy in Action - Bed Bug Detection


Travelers Tips

Check carefully for bed bug infestations when traveling or staying motels or hotels.

First inquire at the hotel or motel front desk if they have had any reports of bed bug problems. When walking into your assigned room, put your luggage in the bathtub. Even what appears to be the cleanest room may harbor bed bugs. Bed bugs are great hitchhikers and may have been brought into the room on the luggage of a previous guest.

Inspect key areas for signs of bed bug infestation. A small flashlight is beneficial for your inspection. Check the seams of the mattress perimeter and cracks and crevices of the headboard. Headboards usually hang on wall brackets and can easily be taken off for inspection behind the headboard. Look for dark spots on the bedding, mattress, box spring, and headboard. These spots are dried fecal matter deposited by the bed bugs. The insects themselves look like amber apple seeds & are notorious for roaming from room to room.

If you find signs of infestation, grab your luggage and report what you found to the front desk staff. Ask to be reassigned or simply get a refund and find a different hotel or motel for the night.

If your inspection is negative and you feel comfortable with staying in the room, get out the metal luggage rack and place it away from the wall. Bed bugs cannot crawl up the metal legs of the luggage rack, so your luggage will be safe, in case you missed something.

When you return home, carefully check your luggage and clothing for any signs of live bed bugs. Putting clothing into a clothes drier set on high for 45 minutes will kill all stages of bed bugs, including their eggs.

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