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Historic Sites

When Historic Sites Have Pest Problems - Amendt Pest Control Has the Solution!

As the oldest Swedish church in New Jersey, Trinity has seen its share of battles. Since the early 1990s, the church has faced roof truss, tower structure and cemetery wall failures. But the most recent fight was a quieter problem. In fact, only the cleaning lady noticed it at first. Edie Rohrman, church restoration project manager, received a call in October 2007 from the church cleaner, who described vacuuming up piles of dust. And bugs. Rohrman went to assess the situation and found paint bubbling on the wainscoting. After consulting with an architect who works with the church, Rohrman suspected termites and called in a veteran of termite battles – Dr.Tom Parker.

Parker and John Amendt, owner of A.Amendt Pest Control Company, Inc., started by creating a detailed drawing of the church. Amendt, who has treated historic properties for 40 years, explained that drafting a diagram of a structure helps the team identify key areas where termites may be coming in and create a plan to reach those spots.

“The walls of Trinity are up to three bricks deep,” Parker explained. “The termites were coming up through the brick wall and getting into the wainscoting on the interior perimeter of the church. They were eating the wainscoting along a good portion of one side of the church and a section at the rear of the church. In order to cut them off, we needed to..."

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